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Kontact Events was founded not only to provide a one stop event support service but also to provide a community. Fostering collaboration - we believe - equates to innovation. In an ever changing world it's our business to keep evolving. Together we can make that process effortless.

At the heart of our Kontact culture and community is you. We ensure that each and every one of our clients receive the most competitive costings and value adds available at every level of the organisation cycle. We pride ourselves on adding value to each event and underpinning our free service is the want to be right for you. To a certain degree you may see us as an extension of your team - here whenever you need us - and naturally would like to ensure we're the glove that fits.

We believe in the importance and power of communication. In addition, experience has generated an appreciation that each client has a unique aim and way of working. We feel that maintaining this integrity is a fundamental component to the success of an event so endeavour to understand your vision as soon as you do. In this sense you can rest assured you're in control of each project.

We're here to support you, your team and organisation.

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TIDS Registered #96-0 2191 4 - Kontact Events is recognised by all Industry Suppliers as an official event booker