Finding the Perfect Venue

It’s all about location, location, location when it comes to finding the perfect venue. Choosing the right location is a crucial element and can determine an event’s success. While ploughing through venue after venue questions whirl around endlessly, until you feel the urge to pick up your computer, find the nearest window and watch the wonders of gravity in motion before you’re swiftly escorted from the building…

Guide to Showrounds

You’ve whittled down the venues – but which one to choose? Showrounds give you a great insight into your potential venues enabling you to experience the food, service, general housekeeping, bedrooms, facilities, even the temperature, smells and acoustics, not only from your own perspective but also from your guests’ perspective in terms of how your event will be dealt with.

Creating Guideline Costings

It’s imperative to consider costings at an early stage to ensure you’re always in control of each event, particularly if you’re subject to a tight budget. Here’s our guide to creating guideline costs (we prefer to use spreadsheets but adjust accordingly to whatever you’re comfortable with)

Confirming the Location

Once you’ve decided upon the location, the next step is to confirm in writing. We’ll take care of this element as well as negotiating and proofing the contract to ensure all requirements have been incorporated before sending across to you for final checking and approval.

Constructing the Itinerary

An event itinerary is a step by step walkthrough of your event in its entirety. In chronological order, from the moment the first person steps on site to the moment the last steps off – every element of your event is pulled together to create an itinerary, which provides easy to follow guidelines for those involved in teh organisational process.

The Event Schedule

A key document to be used in conjunction with your itinerary is the event schedule. This document maps out a time line of key dates for your diary throughout the organisational process leading up to the event. It’s so useful in scheduling your own and other people’s workloads and also enables you to co-ordinate and prioritise your daily and weekly to do lists. It also enables you to delegate tasks ensuring each member of your team is fully aware of their roles, responsibilities and time frames.

Considering Event Content

Content is King and a powerful strategic tool to boot. At the crux of formulating the event content, is your attendee. Put yourself in their shoes. As soon as your invitation hits their inbox -- be that an e- or physical version – the key question will be “What’s in it for me?”

Establishing and Briefing Suppliers

Much like any other step in the event organisational cycle, establishing and briefing suppliers is all about the finer details. Once you have the backbone of your event in place (namely the venue), you’re in a good position to secure any additional suppliers you may need. Of course that means deciding on whether you need additional suppliers in the first instance but let’s just take it that on this occasion you do need them. Here’s our 6 Point Guide:

Building Blocks of an Event Organiser

We’re a special breed. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone about something seemingly unrelated to our industry but you manage to start deconstructing the elements of the conversation and re-organising them? There’s a lot of us out there in different variations, who can’t help but organise anything and everything - as long as there’s a purpose of course.

Improve Your ROI

ROI can be a tricky thing. We’re here to improve it. Saving time and money with our services immediately adds value, which instantaneously ensures your event stacks up commercially. What’s more, our service is free, enabling you to make more of an investment into the event itself. Coupled with our focus on negotiating discounted rates and added extras, ROI will certainly be high.

Personnel Subsistence and Accommodation

When considering the logistics of any conference or event, remember to factor in costings of subsistence and accommodation for onsite personnel. If subsistence and accommodation are required, we may be able to secure crew rates (depending on the location) or 24 hour rates if they work out to be more cost effective. Nevertheless, it’s vital to look after your onsite personnel (crew, event management and team, suppliers) to ensure the event runs smoothly.

7 Social Technology Solutions for Events

Social Technology seems to be an interchangeable concept but for the purposes of this post, I’m using the term to reflect any technology or media form that facilities social interaction and just makes your life that bit easier. In this context, here are some social tech solutions for #eventprofs:

Event Logistics

Once the main elements of your event have been organised (i.e. the overall event format) you can now turn your attention to the logistics. To facilitate a detailed co-ordination of the event, involving the delegates/guests, venues and suppliers, it has to be done from each different perspective – that of the guests, suppliers, venues and yours – to ensure comprehensive organisation.

ROI Objectives

Defining your event allows the objectives to be determined and by extension the ways in which Return on Investment (time, money and energy) can be assessed. But what returns can functions have?

Defining Basic Event Objectives

In your quest to qualify company objectives for any given event, you’ll need to ask yourself a series of questions to define your needs. By extension, establishing the objectives will enable you to choose the right mediums to meet them…

Organising Award Ceremonies

With the Awards season fast approaching, we decided to take a look this week at all things Awards. The organisational process for award ceremonies is largely – if not all – the same process as with any other conference. Whether incorporated into a conference or as a standalone event – there’s still a clear format to the ceremony with a few exceptions…

Award Ceremonies ROI

Award Ceremonies mark a special place in any company’s events calendar as a way to show appreciation for employees, suppliers and clients – in house or within the industry. Although their very essence is to honour the best and provide recognition – they are also a very successful marketing tool.

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