Award Ceremonies ROI

Posted on 11/09/2013 by Chloe

Award Ceremonies mark a special place in any company’s events calendar as a way to show appreciation for employees, suppliers and clients – in house or within the industry. Although their very essence is to honour the best and provide recognition – they are also a very successful marketing tool.

To increase the events visibility, press releases and photos can be sent out to industry publications and local newspapers. Give companies an opportunity to put their name in front of clients by sending out a marketing piece to get them on board. You may also wish to combine a celebratory promotional offer to promote sales as well.

Organised with creativity and delivered with efficiency, awards help to grow the business in a number of ways by maximising internal and external exposure to:

*Boost company and supplier image

*Harness branding and marketing objectives

*Promote brand loyalty

*Create public awareness

*Increase sales

*Provide award winning recipients a platform on which to shine, giving the audience something to aspire to

However, the opposite of the above will be achieved if care isn’t given to how these events are aesthetically presented and structured – leaving all involved feeling as though their efforts were underrated. After all, one of the most important objectives of an awards show is to have all those involved come away feeling valued.

When crafting an award show then, the presentation needs to meet the expectations of all involved. Suppliers, clients and employees including recipients and by extension, on some occasions, their families all have their own set of expectations and personal agendas. Knowing your audience is paramount in order to build-in ways to help meet each of their expectations and agendas over the course of the event and will also help hosting companies meet their own.