Defining Basic Event Objectives

Posted on 04/09/2013 by Chloe

In your quest to qualify company objectives for any given event, you’ll need to ask yourself a series of questions to define your needs. By extension, establishing the objectives will enable you to choose the right mediums to meet them…

*Will holding an event give you the best possible results?

*What is the events’ purpose?

*Who is the events’ main target audience? Who’re the secondary, third and so on?

*Can objectives be combined to maximise returns? For example when launching a new product the beginning is dedicated to sales force and at the end is opened up to clients, and suppliers with the ability to pre-order.

*What does your company need at this moment in time to grow financially, strengthen its industry position, attract and retain new clients and the best employees?

*What are the company’s plans for future growth?

*How will the objectives – if met – help the company meet present and future needs?

*If all objectives are met by hosting the event, what will the value be to the company?

*How and will the company benefit from doing the event?

*Would it affect the company if the event wasn’t held?

*What is the cost to the company of not holding the event?

Getting to know and listing your company’s objectives – present and future – is important. These can be addressed and built in to the event so it’s strategically designed to target and meet all of the objectives. By the end you’ll have maximised the event’s potential delivery and ROI. You may even find yourself working with a larger budget because of it!