Event Logistics

Posted on 19/08/2013 by Chloe

Once the main elements of your event have been organised (i.e. the overall event format) you can now turn your attention to the logistics. To facilitate a detailed co-ordination of the event, involving the delegates/guests, venues and suppliers, it has to be done from each different perspective – that of the guests, suppliers, venues and yours – to ensure comprehensive organisation.

Take time to walkthrough the event step by step from the moment the first invite goes out and the first person arrives on site to the moment the last leaves. Imagine you’re arriving at the venue for the first time. Is there sufficient information on the invites for guests to arrive with ease? Is there sufficient directional information once on site? Is there plenty of parking? How do they access it? How is it paid? Where can they unload kit? Is there car parking without height restrictions for vans?...

Follow the guests and suppliers experience through to the end, ensuring their journey makes sense and is streamlined (i.e. the arrival drink is available after the cloakroom so guests aren’t battling with their drinks whilst trying to escape their coats). Think about where the event team members need to be stationed, the signage and who will be the main contact for suppliers/guests/venue/F&B etc not only to provide personal greetings on arrival but also to be on hand to assist at any point.

Jot down notes and consider the time it will take to get all elements you’ve pinpointed achieved. For instance, who is erecting the directional signage? The venue or your team? If it’s your team, incorporate this logistic into the schedule to undertake the task and ensure all tools needed are in the tool box. Equally, if it’s the venue, you may like to allocate a member of your team to walk round before the event starts and double check everything’s in place such as signage, cloakroom, dedicated check-in, function rooms, bedrooms, F&B, parking and storage.

Allocate jobs as you go so you can brief your team before the event so everyone involved knows their roles. Organise two-way walkie talkies with covert earpieces ensuring you and your team are in control at all times with minimum disruption – logistical heaven!