Improve Your ROI

Posted on 07/08/2013 by Chloe

ROI can be a tricky thing. We’re here to improve it. Saving time and money with our services immediately adds value, which instantaneously ensures your event stacks up commercially. What’s more, our service is free, enabling you to make more of an investment into the event itself. Coupled with our focus on negotiating discounted rates and added extras, ROI will certainly be high.

When considering any event, one of your main aims will be to know what the meeting’s objectives are, or rather, why it’s being held. This equates to the measurable aspect of the meeting, providing the basis for establishing ROI, ultimately enabling you to know whether the event has been a success in achieving its goals. This is very important so as not to lose sight of the bigger picture to achieve your companies’ strategic objectives while reducing costs and controlling spending.

Once the aims have been established, decide how success is going to be measured and establish who you will be reporting the results to and if your company has a report template. This in itself may be a good indication of the current ways in which your company measures ROI. In its absence however, a good way to begin this journey is to compartmentalise the event, breaking it down into measurable chunks.

Identify the individuals and companies who have an involvement in your event and find out what they want from it such as you as the organiser, the host, delegates, venue, suppliers, speakers, sponsors and content providers. Consider their profile, level of understanding, knowledge and awareness of the content to be discussed at the meeting. It’s a great idea to conduct pre- and post- event research to establish what they know, which can be measured against their learning, application and impact following the event.

Whether the aim is to launch a new product, bolster relationships with clients, develop and enhance employee engagement with greater brand awareness, increase the visibility of your business to a large network of people, communicating your aims with our knowledgeable team of Venue Finding Agents will marry their experience with providing the best conference and meeting venues for your event, putting you on the right track to high ROI.

Matching the right venue to your requirement is paramount in suring your footing with ROI – a principal that lends it to all events, including Awards Shows, Exhibitions, Team Building, Conferences, Incentive Trips, Product Launches… let our experience save you time and money, giving you that all important competitive edge.