Personnel Subsistence and Accommodation

Posted on 12/08/2013 by Chloe

When considering the logistics of any conference or event, remember to factor in costings of subsistence and accommodation for onsite personnel. If subsistence and accommodation are required, we may be able to secure crew rates (depending on the location) or 24 hour rates if they work out to be more cost effective. Nevertheless, it’s vital to look after your onsite personnel (crew, event management and team, suppliers) to ensure the event runs smoothly.

First and foremost, be clear about the billing instructions. Is the personnel subsistence and accommodation to be billed to the main account with incidentals (if any) settled by individuals. Or, is accommodation to be settled by individuals on departure? Whichever way you decide, ensure all parties involved (including the venue) are absolutely clear of the situation.


Everyone needs to be fed and watered, so building adequate breaks into the event (including setup and breakdown) are paramount. To do this, establish the number of personnel there will be on site and how long they’ll be there. Equally, ask whether dietary requirements need to be catered for. Depending on the size of the event, perhaps you’d like to factor in a designated area or room for onsite personnel breaks.


Depending on the timings and distance of the events’ location, accommodation may also be required for personnel. If it is required - as with the F&B – obtain numbers and requirements so you can include these on rooming lists. If the event is spread across different locations, you may like to spread on-site staff across the venues as points of contact for each location and guests. If the event is being held at one location, you may like to keep all staff on site.

Once these factors have been considered, ensure the venue and onsite personnel are well informed. Equally, add any costs incurred to your event costs spreadsheet.