ROI Objectives

Posted on 28/08/2013 by Chloe

Defining your event allows the objectives to be determined and by extension the ways in which Return on Investment (time, money and energy) can be assessed. But what returns can functions have?

Thinking about the objectives of a function is so important. Without this crucial element in the organisational process, companies face wasting valuable resources and opportunities. Strategically planning – as we’re in the business of doing – brings a plethora of rewards.

Nevertheless, it’s paramount to know the best time to host, attend or sponsor a function. Whichever role the company plays, ensure objectives are laid out, met and clearly communicated to the relevant people.

Be selective and function savvy with the right Pick ‘n’ Mix of ROI objectives to:

*Bolster loyalty, be that employee, supplier or customer

*Enhance brand awareness

*Maximise efficiency

*Increase the company profile

*Develop new business


*Facilitate training and learning

*Drive business growth

*Stimulate sales