The Event Schedule

Posted on 24/07/2013 by Chloe

A key document to be used in conjunction with your itinerary is the event schedule. This document maps out a time line of key dates for your diary throughout the organisational process leading up to the event. It’s so useful in scheduling your own and other people’s workloads and also enables you to co-ordinate and prioritise your daily and weekly to do lists. It also enables you to delegate tasks ensuring each member of your team is fully aware of their roles, responsibilities and time frames.

Create a template spreadsheet. I create a week on two pages diary template, with space to input the week commencing date at the top and the days of the week listed vertically below. Along with the date, columns across the page reflect Action, Delegated to & Status. Create enough sheets that span the week and day the document was created to the day of the event.

To get the ball rolling, add dates and deadlines from the venue contract, terms and conditions and special agreements that have been made, release dates, payment dates, rooming list required, final numbers, special dietary deadlines, accommodation, food tastings, meetings with venue, suppliers and team meetings. The same should be done with every supplier once confirmed.

Add important dates relating to the team/venue/suppliers in terms of annual leave so organisational processes can be scheduled around them where applicable. In this sense, when contemplating deadlines think about the concrete deadlines provided by the venues and suppliers and work around them, spreading deadlines evenly whilst at the same time ensuring you allow for a little leeway.

Next, go through your event costing sheet. Add any organisational tasks and consider whether there are other dates to be listed including time frame, distribution etc. Input when tasks should be undertaken and equally deadlines. I like to give myself a few days’ notice for things like final details so you can send a gentle reminder to the host.

Once you have included everything you can think of for the schedule – as with the itinerary – send to those referenced in the document.

Essentially the Itinerary & Event Schedule work harmoniously to ensure you get sleep – everything that is needed/to be confirmed/to do/every minute detail is listed so you’ll never miss a thing.